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He Stole our Bike

I’m going to preface this post with the statement, I hate thieves.  I really do.  I loath them.  I really, really, really, dislike when people who justify in their minds that it’s ok to take something that belongs to someone else.  So now that you know that you can perhaps cut me some slack when I tell you what a crazy person I was a few weeks ago.

Let me back up first to few months ago, when we noticed my sons bike that had broken brakes at the bottom of the hill where we live.  I assumed someone took it and probably to their dismay realized on the way down the very steep hill that the breaks were broke and ditched it.  I may or may not have secretly hoped they broke their nose when they fell.  We brought it home fixed the breaks and 2 weeks later it was gone again, this time for good.

Fast forward again to a few weeks ago.  I was sitting on the couch and my neighbor knocked on the door and said, “Some teenager just came to your house, took your kids scooter, and headed down the hill”.  I was so annoyed that I jumped in my car with air dried hair that mirrored a lions mane, no shoes, and no phone.

I drove down the hill and saw no one, until out of the corner of my eye I see a kid flying down another street on  a scooter.  I chased him down in my Honda Pilot.  I said “Dude, you just stole that from my house”.  He said, “No I didn’t”, I said “Yes you did, my neighbor saw you.”  He then proceeded with an admission of guilt and a thousand apologies.  Apparently he “just needed a ride home and was having a bad day”.  Lame.  I told him that I was 99.9% sure he stole my kids bike and unless he gives it back or tells me where he left it I was going to call the police.  That’s when he says this, “Do I look like the type of person that would steal a little kids bike?”  To which I said, “Are you and idiot?  You just stole a little kids scooter, you absolutely look like a person that would steal a little kids bike”.  I know I shouldn’t have called him an idiot but remember I was in crazy mode.

I told him to wait while I called the police, which is when I remembered that I didn’t have my phone.  ”Get in my car.” I said.  He looked at  me like I was a lunatic and said “I’m not getting in your car.”  That’s when I realized that although  citizens arrest did sound empowering I was being little too crazy.  So I did the next best thing and flagged down a truck.  The boy ran to the truck before I could get there and told them I was a crazy lady trying to make him get in my car.  I looked like a crazy person, and these passer by’s were young and seemed to be reluctant.  They finally gave me their phone and I called the police.   After they drove off He threw his hands up in the air with the “rock on” symbol and took off.

I was so mad that I was seeing red.  I sat in my car and punched the steering wheel, and yelled loudly.  That’s about when the cop pulled up.  I told him my story and he knocked on a few doors.  I was happy to hear that someone who saw the boy and the crazy lady arguing knew who he was.  They directed the officer to his house, and he totally got busted.  I wanted to go to his front door and throw the rock on sign in his face, but then I remembered that I wasn’t 12 years old.  I swear it took me 3 days to calm down about it.  Moral of this story is don’t steal from Kristin Wilkerson, unless you want to be tracked down and yelled at, because  so help me I will find you.

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Would you think I was a huge weirdo if I told you that I kind of like Monday’s?  I know, I know, it’s usually the dreaded day that everyone has to leave behind a relaxing weekend and face the pressures of daily life again. But I kind of love them.  Sunday’s are kind of like New Years Eve for me.  A time to think about the upcoming week and make goals for what I want to get done.  I may or may not even make a list, in excel, and print it out, with check boxes at the side.  (If you had told my 20 year old self I would grow up to be a list maker I would never have believed you.)

There is just something refreshing about Monday.  It’s like a starting point and a new chance to do better then you did the week before.  This week, I want to try to be more consistent at making it to they gym, better at making dinner so we don’t eat out, and pay more attention to my kids. Here’s to Monday, and hoping we all have a productive and improved week!


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Styling Your Family Photo Shoot.

Styling your family for pictures can be very stressful. I’m here to help you style your family without needing to take an extensive shopping trip, you ought to find most everything you need inside your own closet. When it comes to pulling straight from the closet, here are a few guiding principles you can follow?

1. Don’t be afraid  of patterns, even multiple patterns. What are some of your favorite trending patterns?

2. Dress the guys in neutral colors. They tend to feel most comfortable in them and lets be honest, we are just happy to have them there, right?

Here are a few examples that will help teach you how to put great outfits together for your family pictures.

styling your family photo session


For this family photo shoot I was able to go to this families home and go through each persons closet. I started in moms closet and was instantly drawn to her black and white polka dot sweater. This became my inspiration piece, adding accent colors of tea, blue and mustard.  We kept the guys in neutral colors and let the girls wear the “pops” of color. Notice how mom is wearing the pattern on top and the daughters pattern is on the bottom. Placing the two items this way helps balance out the picture.

Here is another way black and white came together for me.

styling your family photo session


The darling company DOT DOT SMILE sent me the black and white dress and leggings to style.  I knew I wanted them to be photographed together but needed a way to balance out the bold and busy pattern to make it work.  I love mustard so I added the bold cardigan to the leggings to add that pop of color I was looking for.  We made this picture work by placing my daughter wearing a “neutral” color in the middle. She helped balance out the our black and white patterns.

My inspiration piece for my own family photo shoot came from my daughters multi colored chevron pants with pops of blue, red and mustard.

styling your family photo shoot.

I love leopard like no ones business and ended up with the leopard pattern on the babies because its not competing with the bold chevron; the leopard acts as a neutral. Again keeping my hubby in a neutral color and letting us girls have the fun sparks of color. I like layering, even jewelry. I brought the mustard in with my tunic, layering with black/gold necklace along with a red bubble necklace. Layer adds interest and keep the looks interesting.

Also, when considering your family’s outfits for pictures keep in mind the style and look you are going for. Do you have a location in mind? If your going for a more modern/contemporary feel you might find a wall of graffiti, parking garage or even an old industrial building.  Be sure to communicate with your photographer to let them know what you have in mind. He or she are sure to have some fabulous ideas.

This post and pictures were provided by Brooke Douglas.  You can follow her on Instagram.

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