Tribal Leggings

So I’m a little bit in love with tribal leggings lately. I bought some from H&M and I’ve already worn them once. They are very motivational because all those horizontal lines make me want skinnier legs…so I’ve been doing some seriously thinking about working out and eating better.  All because I bought tribals.  I’m even going to attend a class from Sadi Jane, at the Pinners conference on how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Anyways, (I got side tracked sorry) I was looking around for some colored ones, when I came across these on Pinterest. I clicked over because I thought they were so darling and I found such an awesome website. Cutest stuff ever for mom and kids!

Photo (and leggings) from Kindred Oak

Tribal Leggings |

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  1. Tia

    uhm…. does this outfit come in my size?!


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