Progress Report

So remember when I told you last week that I’ve been getting up at 5am? I’m ready to give you a progress report. I’m still rockin’ it. I will  however admit that since I’m getting so much done in the mornings, I’m finding myself a tad bored in the early afternoons.

I’m used to taking care of three kids and a business, so this “work already done and only one child at home” business is kinda shocking. Here’s a little glance at ways we are filling the time compliments of my iPhone:

We went shopping.  Eliza talked me into a fur vest, and she loves it.  She thinks she is a kitty.  I bought a scarf!  This shouldn’t be such a big deal except it’s pretty much the first time I’ve ever worn a scarf.  I always felt it made me look bulky, but it must be something about the season, because I’m loving it.

I had a talk with Eliza about how Mommy’s a blogger now.  And bloggers need pictures that impress people.  She didn’t really care about me and my desire to impress people.  So I cut off her glaring eyes, and will only show you her impressive pouty lips.

I bought the book Elevate the Everyday last winter.  I hadn’t had a chance to look through until now.  It’s good.  For sure if you are beginning your journey into photography you should pick it up.  Especially if your goal is to photograph your daily life with your kids.

It did give me some good perspective about how to train myself to find joy in the small but important parts of my day. Like Eliza twirling for example.  Normally I wouldn’t be ok with a blurry picture of a tutu wearing princess, but today I am. (Oh and don’t judge my fingernails, I’m a nail biter and for some reason I’ve been particularly bad lately. #totallygross)

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  1. Tia

    i LOVE her vest!!!!!!! <3


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