I Want to Meet You at the Pinners Conference

Friends, I’ll be hanging out at the Pinners Conference all day today and I really want to meet you. If you’re coming, make sure to tell them you’re “kwphoto13” code for a $5.00 discount.

In my class we will be talking about:

Composition- How to control the elements in your photograph so that it’s pleasing to the eye, and not just a snap shot.

Light- How to use light so that you capture what you see, and add depth to your photos.

Posing- Why does everyone act so unnatural when the camera comes out? And how to we bring them back and make them feel comfortable.

Creativity– How do we develop a good perspective? And, how to keep your photography passion alive?

I’ll also be attending classes about makeup, hair, cooking, Insta-gramming, and time management. Hope to see you and don’t forget to say hi!

Pinners Conference | www.kristinwilkerson.com

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  1. Kathy

    I just wanted to say thank you for your lovely class. I found it very inspiring as well as informative. You were very personable, helpful, and thoughtful in your presentation. I’m excited to try the things I learned. Thanks again! -Kathy


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