Lately I’ve been thinking a lot of motherhood.  It’s a beautiful and it’s a sensitive thing.  You have women who desire to be mom’s then become mom’s and raise  children. You also have mothers who desire with all their heart to conceive children, but for whatever reason can not.  I still say mothers because to me with or without children, we as women are all mothers.  We love and nurture the friends, family members, and children around us.

I feel blessed to have the children that I have but as I am surrounded by wonderful women who desire to have their own children but are not able to my heart sometimes feels heavy.  I don’t want them to sorrow or hurt. I respect them for their hope and their patience.  And I admire them for their ability to deal positively with the sometimes awkward and hurtful social situations.

I am grateful for women that desire. I am grateful for women who find joy in the hope motherhood. I am grateful that even though it seems like we live in a world that doesn’t value motherhood, there are many women and men who still do.  Whether they display it through the children they have, or the desires they have, I’m grateful for the beautiful women and mothers that surround me in my life.  I’m grateful for women and men who keep the respect for mothers alive.

I feel like I’ve been throwing out the word grateful a lot in this post, but I am also grateful that when a baby does come into this world I get to be there in the first days of their life in their new home.  There is a certain peace that can be felt.

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  1. Megan

    Well said. You are a great mother and friend. I am grateful for you and your sensitve pep talks.


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