Would you think I was a huge weirdo if I told you that I kind of like Monday’s?  I know, I know, it’s usually the dreaded day that everyone has to leave behind a relaxing weekend and face the pressures of daily life again. But I kind of love them.  Sunday’s are kind of like New Years Eve for me.  A time to think about the upcoming week and make goals for what I want to get done.  I may or may not even make a list, in excel, and print it out, with check boxes at the side.  (If you had told my 20 year old self I would grow up to be a list maker I would never have believed you.)

There is just something refreshing about Monday.  It’s like a starting point and a new chance to do better then you did the week before.  This week, I want to try to be more consistent at making it to they gym, better at making dinner so we don’t eat out, and pay more attention to my kids. Here’s to Monday, and hoping we all have a productive and improved week!


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  1. Tia

    ohh blehk!!
    but i still love you


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